The Secret Science Behind Huna Miracles - Max Freedom Long

Max Freedom Long – The Secret Science Behind Miracles

 Max Freedom Long – The Secret Science Behind Miracles Arriving in Hawaii in 1917, psychology-trained teacher Max Freedom Long was fascinated by tales of the kahunas and their ability to heal at a distance, walk on barely-cooled lava with bare feet, and even raise the dead. However, no native would tell him the secret behind these miracles – which were commonplace in the backwater areas he travelled to.

Study as he might, he ultimately had to return to the States, unable to find out how this ancient belief-system could work these miracles. In 1935, he got inspiration from a dream and began to crack this code… And now the secrets are yours to learn – if you will walk in his footsteps.

Two books are included from Long’s pioneer work which has brought Huna to the Western world. These have been edited and republished in the hope that you and yours are able to continue his work and make miracles commonplace in our modern world again.

Paperback, 341 pages

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