How to Win Friends - by the Master of Public Influence Dale Carnegie

  Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People

review Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People
When you understand people and how they work, what makes them tick, what gets them going – you then have a handle on the wheel which makes this entire civilized world go ’round.

That’s no understatement. If you studied nothing but human relations – particularly this book – you’d be able to get the highest-paid jobs available today.

The reason that this book is a continuing best sellers is very, incredibly fundamental. It’s written in a very simply, frank approach. So it’s easily digested and applied. This book covers far more than just making friends and influencing people. There are tons of these around. Why this book is a continuing success is that it covers very, very basic principles which affect all humankind at its core. Its very core.

So when you are actively applying this, you aren’t just learning some new tricks – you are learning some of the most basic and underlying principles which drive all Life around you.

Paperback, 695 pages

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