How to Be a Genius - and How to Live With the Fact.

Genius – How to be one, How to Live with it…

review Genius – How to be one, How to Live with it… HOW TO MAKE A GENIUS is as little understood as geniuses themselves.

Genius, as the ancients knew, is completely spiritual in origin.

And taking a metaphysical approach to this is where we start making progress in understanding this extreme state of ability (or talents).

Basic premise to a book like this is to assemble all the known data on genius (genii) and to publish this as a collection of works. You’ll see as we go that I’ve rejected a great deal of conventional wisdom.

Most that is commonly known about the brain for example, is fallacious, since it is being studied and "understood" from only a material view. So I consulted Napoleon Hill and Prentice Mulford, as well as William Walker Atkinson as my experts.

Being metaphysicians, they weren’t tied to Science’s dialectical materialism or Religions’ dogmatic certitudes.

Part of this research was to include all possible techniques in this. And there are many. Though I’ve limited my excerpts to less than 20 authors, and most all of those who wrote in the last hundred years – while I’ve mostly skipped those who have written in the last 50 (where Science took a real long dive into not explaining things – other than Quantum Physics, which surfaced with Eastern explanations.) As well, academic writing styles are a bit allergic to me…

Essentially, while earlier authors have described how genius can be created or nurtured, no modern author comes close to figuring this out. This is because they are working from the materialism that Science has sunk into – forgetting or ignoring the spiritual source of all this world around us. But we’ve had many paradigm shifts, haven’t we?

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