Publishing only the Best Self Help Books - Period.

Enjoy Classic Self Help Bestseller Authors!Midwest Journal Press was formed in early 2001 as a natural extension to an online Midwest journal. 

With the mission to provide to people in all walks of life with only the best classic and modern bestseller self help books, and to make these available to an increasingly aware world, our work here has been to keep high-quality versions of classics available and as well to make it possible for new compilations and research to be created and published.

With this end in mind, we’ve carefully studied and researched to bring the most popular authors in this genre to you.

It’s not just popularity, however, but practical workability. Each of these classic authors has a proved track-record of being influential beyond their own life span. Their works have been distributed in various forms long after they passed on, in nearly all cases without having left any effective marketing organization in place.
While certainly these individual authors were personally charismatic, the test of their continuing book sales says more to the widely recognized value of their works to humankind.

Through the research of Dr. Robert C. Worstell, this “short list” of authors and their derivative works are now readily available to anyone with an Internet access. (And rest assured, work is being done to find ways to make these available to those who don’t…)

We hope that you enjoy these classic bestseller famous authors’ works and add them to your reference library – so that you can find your own “peace that passes all understanding.”

Who is Dr. Robert C. Worstell?

Dr. Robert C. WorstellRev. Dr. Robert C. Worstell, MBA, PhD is an independent researcher and the author of several self-help and self-improvement books.
Worstell also maintains several blogs which support these books. He was perhaps one of the first to invite audience participation in writing several books, through posting the entire book to his blog and simultaneously publishing to the Print-on-Demand Publisher Lulu. This arrangement enabled correction and updates to hardcopy versions within minutes.

More recently, he has been active in converting all his many print books to ebook versions so that they can be more readily found and put to use.

He has certificates in Computer Networking and Wireless Broadband, as well as degrees in Marketing, Comparative Religions and Computer Science, with specialist studies in User Interfaces.

Worstell lives on a working farm in rural Missouri and is continually involved in research to improve the quality of life. He has spent over 35 years researching the human condition through personal studies of counseling, education, and self-improvement.  

He may be contacted for interviews or speaking engagements via this site - or any of his numerous blogs.

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