A Review of Secret of the Ages - by Robert Collier

Robert Collier – Secret of the Ages

As featured on "The Secret" DVD! Originally a bestseller published in 1926 and now seeing a resurgence.

Robert Collier faced a slow, painful, and certain death due to illnesses which modern medicine had no remedy. Researching into the "miracle cures' which New Thought healers of that period were routinely achieving, he studied and researched their materials - to not only resolve his own condition, but to restore his body to radiant health, going on to apply those same books and truths to his business and career.

Today, his is known as one of the all-time best copywriters. While this book is less-known, it is still a masterpiece of insight into the human condition - a handbook for solving human problems in money, relationships, and also health.

You can change your life and eliminate those limits which have been holding you back. Based on a study of hundreds of classic works, this book lays out the secrets to personal health, loving relationships, and limitless wealth – all in a modern, readable format.

You can understand and apply the simple laws of this universe, and then use them to improve any facet of your life.

Paperback, 295 pages.
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