How You Can Find Bestselling Famous Authors Who Improve Your Life

How Can We Help You Improve Your Life?

Finding bestseller famous authors who continue changing and improving your life.

How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 SecondsThis site was created to serve your needs and wants for self improvement and personal development. People want to get better, to make their lives better. You may be looking for better health, improved relationships, more abundance (money) in your life.

Dr. Robert C. Worstell found that there were a few bestseller famous authors who routinely helped people find these for themselves. And further research found that they all were essentially saying the same things in their books - that there was an underlying system of self-help which (if applied) could improve any condition humankind has invented.

That was the core study which lead to his "Go Thunk Yourself!' book series.

However, each author also added something personally to the wealth of techniques and methods. So we've also been able to recover many of these books which have fallen out of print. Not only have we brought them back in hardcopy format, but recently have also begun to bring them back as ebooks.

Many of these works also inspired new approaches to our modern living, and have formed the backbone of modern collections.

Please feel free to look around. Drop us a line if you have any questions or need more information.

Famous Authors

From the initial research which started over a decade ago (and having its roots in even earlier research), these bestseller books were selected on the basis of:
  • Continuing bestseller status in the genre of self-help and personal development.
  • Author already passed on – to avoid personal charisma artificially boosting sales.
  • Multiple cross-references in other works which showed a positive influence beyond practical and popular use.
Dr. Worstell then also brought all these bestsellers back to life by editing them into new, readable versions. Many are also available as PDF downloads, and an additional project is ongoing to convert these to audio and video versions.

Find Bestseller Famous Authors Who Continue to Change Your LifeBest Seller Classics

These authors mentioned other works. Often, several of these authors would even refer to the same reference, so he also brought these back as well. This was just so you could do any additional research on your own and see how those famous authors came to their own conclusions and recommendations.

Modern Editions

Where certain subjects and topics were found as commonplace amongst these writers, Dr. Worstell compiled basic books with excerpted essays from them. These are here so that you can simply approach key subjects without having to acquire 20-30 other books and only really needing a chapter or so of each.

Since these classics had to be tested against our modern times to prove universal application – additional side researches (such as Internet Marketing, Online Fraud, and public fascination with the “Law of Attraction”) brought forward new books full of applied studies for our high-speed culture. These books are in their own category.

Latest Releases

Enjoy famous author self help books today!Certainly not the least is our most recent research findings. As this research progresses (and while Dr. Worstell says it’s taken a whole new tack, as the study of self-help in itself is wrapped up), we offer our most recently published works for your review and study.
Currently featured is “Freedom Is – (period.)”

And you’ll find our review of this book as linked. Initial reception of this has been very warm and we are still sending out sample copies as are marketing research continues.

- - - -

While there is far, far more material to include here than there is immediate time to post, you can visit our re-publisher directly: at our Lulu "Go Thunk Yourself!" storefront.

The point is to make all this data available to as many people as we can, so that you too can benefit by standing on the shoulders of giants to see further.


Have fun.

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