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Bestseller Book: Claude Bristol's Magic of Believing

Claude M. Bristol's Magic of BelievingVeteran News Reporter and Wartime Correspondent, Claude Bristol had never seen this before in his life.
A simple pamphlet that he published had resulted in incredible demands for speaking engagements to explain what he had discovered. Bristol wasn't able to keep up with all the requests for speaking about how people could change and improve their lives simply by changing their personal beliefs. Plus, traveling from town to town in the post Depression Era didn't mean the luxury airplanes we have today. Travel by rail or bus were equally tiresome, just as the hours invested were arduous.

Finally, a letter reached him with the answer - it was a plea for help, actually - could he write a book on all that he covered in his lecture?

The result is a classic bestseller which even today is creating a storm wherever it's re-discovered.

The "Magic of Believing" is now ours to digest in our modern age, where society and science have matured enough to digest Bristol's fantastic discoveries. He didn't do research as much as he simply found and compiled the stories which had held his attention all of his life. Just as Napoleon Hill simply interviewed and condensed the philosophies belonging to the makers and shakers of his day (into his bestseller "Think and Grow Rich") Bristol simply recounted and arranged the stories which tend to support his idea that thought creates reality - if you believe deeply enough, it will show up in your life.
Like Magic.

Infrequently out of print, this new edition of Claude Bristol's classic has been edited into an easy-to-read format - and now available in epub format for download onto any smartphone or tablet. A print edition is also available. Now you can have a copy to inspire your own beliefs - and carry it with you wherever you go.

As well, it's an instant download from most major online ebook distributors.

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