Napoleon Hill's First Classic: The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons

Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success - A Review

review Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success Before his Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill had already created this 16-volume master work, exactly 20 years after Andrew Carnegie commissioned Hill to a find the secrets of over 500 successful businessmen and millionaires.
In 16 lessons, this book lays out the primary principles necessary to gaining success, wealth, and happiness.This edition has been edited from the original to fit into a single volume.
While Napoleon Hill continued to refine his understanding of the Law of Success, and even expanded it in later years, it was still this key work which changed his life and those of others around him.  
As you read the extensive descriptions of  each point, you can see where Hill pulled the material for his "Think and Grow Rich".  As well, you'll find numerous illustrative stories in each section which give practical applications of those points.  
And it's Hill's interviews of over 500 key statesmen, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders which formed the backbone to his wealth of knowledge for each point. It's a known fact that the continual best seller books are the result of often life-long studies into both the literature and actual lives of the people who lived in any time.  
Hill's Law of Success isn't commonly known, but is becoming more appreciated as people find out it exists. They often have had their life changed by following his smaller runaway bestseller, and now want to dig deeper into the underlying theory and knowledge of how these systems work.
Along with Troward and Haanel, this work should be on anyone's library bookshelf of success books. With these, you'll get a very full and complete understanding of how the Universe actually works and how it can fill your every want and need.
One key point to this revision, is that it removes only non-essential points such that the rest can fit into a single volume. These points were those comments and illustrative poems which made it into 16 separate volumes, but weren't necessary to understanding the essential principles. Having a single book for your library (or computer drive) makes accessing this data even easier.
Paperback, 459 pages.
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Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success
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