How to Go Thunk Yourself - the Self Help Book Series

The Go Thunk YourselfTM Series

Get the entire Go Thunk Yourself Series - starting today!This book series grew out of original research which first was to find whether self-help was actually possible. The logic implied that if so, then it would be a natural system which underlay all real personal progress. And the first book (Go Thunk Yourself!) proved that such a system existed, primarily in the New Thought school of books and materials.

A preliminary study had to be undertaken first, which was how to analyze anything. This actually lead to breakthroughs in how people actually thought, and discovered additional ways of thinking which people either ignored or kept others ignorant of.  This study and results were published in Go Thunk Yourself, Again!

A third book was written and edited into shape so that people would actually have a path to travel in self-help, such that they'd be able to have a single volume which contained all the basic texts a person would need on their personal journey. This edition was named, Go Thunk Yourself, S'more!

Further research was required, particularly working to understand the ancient philosophy of Huna (which basic principles were included at part of the 3rd text.) These additional studies uncovered a system of programs, all inter-related and interactive with each other. And so a simple path to enlightenment was revealed that anyone could follow. As part of the 10th anniversary of the original research, "Go Thunk Yourself: Revisited" was published. It is also known by a slightly different version as "Freedom Is (period.)"

Have fun!

Go Thunk Yourself! – become rich, famous, a success!

review Go Thunk Yourself! – What do
all have in common?

They all THUNK the same way.

These and other authors discovered the same basic secrets behind wealth, success, and fame.

Each of these authors became wealthy, successful, and famous by applying these secrets.

You can too.

This book’s simple 14-day program allows you to re-create your own life, just the way you want it to be! All you have to do is invest some time each day to read these simple chapters and do the exercises.

You can learn these secrets and start taking control over your own life, to start achieving the riches, fame and success you’ve always dreamed of.

Your Dreams CAN BECOME Reality!

Paperback, 275 pages.

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Go Thunk Yourself, Again! - Get Your Copy Today!

Go Thunk Yourself, Again!

There are reasons why you don't always think clearly or as fast as you'd like to. There are reasons why you haven't gotten the success, wealth, and happiness you've always dreamded of.

Following on the success of "Go Thunk Yourself!(TM)", this is a simple guide to thinking outside any box, learning how to swim through floods of data, and develop your own world view.In this book, learn the underlying patterns and laws that the universe runs on - and how to make these laws work for you!

Here are the simple scientific and spiritual patterns which make or break success for any individual. By learning these patterns, you can make your dreams become reality.Part of the Go Thunk Yourself Series.

Paperback, 231 pages
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Go Thunk Yourself, S'more - create the world you've always dreamed of...Go Thunk Yourself, Smore!

Take your life in your own hands and create the world you've always dreamed of. 
Dreams CAN become Reality. 
You've learned Go Thunk Yourself techniques, you've studied how to use "Thunking" to free your mind and speed up your thought in Go Thunk Yourself, Again. 
Now, change your world view into one you've always dreamed of. 
Paperback, 363 pages
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Go Thunk Yourself, Revisited - get all the native freedom, peace, and abundance that has always been yours...Go Thunk Yourself, Revisited.

Through all the books I've studied and lectures listened to - as well as my own research and tests down this line — it has become very clear to me that we each already have all the Freedom, Happiness, and Peace we could ever want. It's just sitting there waiting for us to recognize its presence in our nature. Just waiting for us to let our own light shine.

That's the secret people have been looking for all this time, the one which the self-help guru's will sell you unlimited books, CD's, video's, and personal consultation to help you find.

But I think, like Dorothy with her slippers, you eventually find that you've had the solution all along. And also like Dorothy, you have to make the journey before you’ll believe it’s that simple. The trick is this one, simple datum: The only things holding you back are just those limits you have accepted.

This book contains the extremely simple methods to letting your own Freedom, Peace and Happiness shine out to help your dreams become reality.

Paperback, 283 pages

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